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Las Vegas Urgent Care On Call Doctor

Las Vegas is known for tourism however not many people realize that it is becoming a popular destination for medical tourism. Not only does Las Vegas have many of the best medical facilities on the west coast but Las Vegas is known for its 24 hour culture. This extends to hospitals and Las Vegas urgent cares but Las Vegas has an even more convenient solution.

The Las Vegas Strip Urgent Care is a 24 hour free doctor hotline and on-call doctor service. If you are traveling to Las Vegas for a convention or on vacation, the Las Vegas Strip Urgent Care can come to your hotel or office to treat your illnesses. They also have a free 24 hour hotline to get answers to your most urgent questions. 

What makes the Las Vegas Strip Urgent Care unique is their convenience and premium care without the high costs of traditional urgent cares and hospital ER rooms. Appointments are normally available within the hour making this a valuable service. The Las Vegas Strip Urgent Care has American trained physicians and functions much like a traditional doctors office. Upon being seen by one of their trained physicians you will be prescribed the necessary medications. They have a 24 hour pharmacy available meaning no matter the time of night, your medications are available.

For those with insurance, the Las Vegas Strip Urgent Care provides a comprehensive medical evaluation report, which you can submit to your health insurance company for reimbursement. No need to wait hours in an ER, this is Vegas, where everyone delivers!